I've been drawing as long as I've been able to hold onto a crayon, and painting from the moment my parents decided I could be trusted around colored liquid. I'm mostly self taught, with a few community college courses thrown in.

I've had a few pieces in a couple small art shows back in my hometown of Sacramento, California. But then I decided to go to graduate school in psychology, and that took up every breath and thought I had. Now that I'm done with that phase in my life, I'm hoping to spend more time on art.

I hope to start doing more shows and more commissions. I am particularly interested in doing some illustrations and book covers in the near future.

By day, I go by Dr. Clerkin and am a scientific researcher for the Center of Creative Leadership.


  • I mostly paint
  • mostly with acrylics (although I dabble elsewhere). I do co…
  • and I believe in the barter system. I also love conceptuali…